How to buy?

1. Download and register for a Blocto wallet

We are partnering exclusively with Blocto, a leading wallet for the FLOW blockchain. Only with the Blocto wallet will you be able to purchase and store your ARTIFACTs. We recommend you to download the Blocto App on your phone for a smooth funding experience.

2. Enable USDC (Flow) in your Blocto wallet

Starting from the HK25 Moments drop, ARTIFACTs by SCMP will be priced in USDC (Flow) on the Flow network.

To set up, Add the USDC - USD Coin (FT) token. Click into your account, and you'll see your unique USDC wallet address on the Flow network.

How to create a USDC (Flow) account

artifact open box with card

In your Blocto app, navigate to the “Wallet” tab and hit “+” in the top right hand corner to add a new token.

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Search "USDC" in the search bar and when "USDC - USD Coin" (Flow FT) comes up from the search, press "+".

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You have successfully created a USDC account on Flow! Click into it to see your USDC wallet address

3. Fund your Blocto wallet with USDC (Flow)

The HK25 Moments will be priced a USDC 100 per box, so make sure your wallet has enough funds!

Option 1 : If you want to purchase USDC on Flow directly with fiat currency.

You can easily convert fiat currency (e.g., USD or HKD) to USDC directly with Blocto and its payment partner, MoonPay, using your credit card.

We recommend that you buy at least $109 USD / $856 HKD worth of USDC (Flow) which will net you 101 USDC (Flow). Now you can buy one box with 1 USDC to spare. We recommend that you take USDC and swap it to FLOW, using the Swap function in your Blocto wallet. This ensures that your wallet has sufficient FLOW tokens to account for minor storage fees from the FLOW blockchain. Once the swap is completed, you can see your remaining USDC as well as FLOW balance in your wallet.

Option 2: If you have Crypto, and need USDC on Flow

If you already hold other cryptocurrencies, or already have an account with a crypto exchange, you can utilize those funds and accounts.

Please DO NOT purchase USDC directly on your centralized exchange, as most exchanges do not support withdrawing USDC for the Flow network.

Please first purchase FLOW token on your exchange (e.g., Binance, Coinbase, or Kraken). Send or withdraw your FLOW tokens to your Blocto wallet, then transfer your FLOW into USDC (Flow) within the Blocto App using BloctoSwap.

How to fund your wallet with USDC (Flow)

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Tap into your USDC (Flow) account and tap “Buy”.

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Enter the amount in USD and press “purchase”.

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Complete the payment process in MoonPay and your wallet will be funded!

How to swap USDC to FLOW (or vice versa)

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In your USDC (Flow) account, tap on “Swap USDC”.

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Select “FLOW” as the token you want to swap to.

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Enter the amount in USDC to swap to FLOW.

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