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HK25 Moments

ARTIFACTs by SCMP is excited to bring you HK25 Moments, a unique NFT drop that features SCMP's photo journalism. This drop highlights the impactful moments Hong Kong has experienced from the past 25 years, and is organized into the following 5 themes:
Honeymoon years (1997-2002)
Surviving SARS (2002-2007)
Calm before the storm (2007-2012)
Darkening skies (2012-2017)
Rupture and reset (2017 - 2022)
Own a piece of history from the past 25 years.



per mystery box containing 5 ARTIFACTs
(see below for more details)

How it works?

HK25 Moments feature 100 iconic photos from the past 25th year of Hong Kong's history. Based on the voting results of the social media campaign we conducted, each photo will have an associate rarity level. For this thematic series, there are five rarity levels - Legendary, Super Rare, Rare, Uncommon, and Common - each one corresponding to a set quantity.

artifact open box with card

Each mystery box contains one randomised bundle of 5 ARTIFACTs.

artifact how it work

Each mystery box contains at least one “Uncommon” or above ARTIFACT
(i.e., “Uncommon”, “Rare”, “Super Rare”, or “Legendary”)

artifact how it work

There will be no duplicate ARTIFACTs within each mystery box.

artifact how it work

Pack reveals will be locked until 24 hours after the pre-sale period.

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